Camping Safety Belt



Outdoor Rock Climbing, Outdoor Expand Training Half Body Harness Protective Supplies Survival Equipment

Waist size ring: 80-140cm

Type: Harnesses

Net weight: 1050g

Name: 25KN half-body harness

Material: Polyester reinforcing wires

Leg size ring: 60-75cm

Colour: Black

Camping Safety Belt 25KN Outdoor Rock Climbing Outdoor Expand Training Half Body Harness


The product uses high-strength polyester filaments, which have high load-bearing materials and strong wear resistance.

High-strength carbon steel side bearing point. The safety buckle on the lanyard can be connected to the load-bearing ring on both sides of the waist ring during operation.

Fabric: Breathable perforated foam fabric is used for the waist and legs, which is more comfortable to use.

Waistbelt and left loop equipped with self-locking DoubleBack buckles for quick and easy adjustment

Multi-functional: climbing expanding, downhill, caving rescue, ascending training, working at height.

High-strength polyester material, Light and wear-resistant.


Colour: Black  

Bearing Weight: 2500KG

Net weight: 1050g

Material: Polyester

Waist Ring Size: 80-140cm

Leg Ring Size: 60-75cm

Package Include:

1* Climbing Safety Harness Seat Belt







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