Luggage Protective Cover


Elastic Luggage Protective Cover For 19-32 inch Trolley Suitcase Protect Dust Bag Case Child Cartoon Travel Accessories

Luggage Protective Cover : 19-32 inch Trolley & Suitcase

Simple, cost-effective way to protect your luggage from the usual wear and tear that occurs any time your luggage is out of your hands; during air travel, 
Grease stains, scratches, scrapes, spills: Luggage protective cover keeps these ugly scars away from the fabric of your luggage so it retains its beauty, even with constant travel.
Luggage protective cover isn't a short-term fix. It's a long-term solution.
Luggage protective cover is also the perfect way to keep your luggage in mint condition while in storage.
Material: Cotton Fabric
Package Includes:1*protective case

Conversion: 1inch=2.54cm,  1cm=0.393inches

Size:  Size S :  Fits 19-21 Inch Luggage Suitcase
         Size M: Fits 22-25 Inch Luggage Suitcase
         Size  L :  Fits 26-29 Inch Luggage Suitcase
         Size  XL :  Fits 30-32 Inch Luggage Suitcase

Main Material: Stretch Fabric
S size: Apply to 18-20 inch suitcase
M size: Apply to 22-25 inch suitcase
L size: Apply to 26-28 inch suitcase
XL size: Apply to 29-32 inch suitcase


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