Waterproof Travel Boots


Waterproof Cycling Leg warmers, Leg Cover Camping, Hiking, Ski Boot, Travel Shoe, Snow, Hunting, Climbing, Gaiters Windproof

  • Unisex Friendly design: Waterproof Cycling Legwarmers Leg Cover Camping Hiking Ski Boot Travel Shoe Snow Hunting Climbing Gaiters Windproof.
  • Durability: Snowproof, windproof, sand proof, mudproof, mosquito proof, rainproof, snake-proof, classical, and durable for your demands.
  • Design: Convenient Design, adjustable top elastic bands, front opening Velcro, shoelace buckle, adjustable bottom buckle.
  • Breathable and thin: breathable and heat-dissipating, it can keep dry and not stuffy at all times. Lightweight, easy to fold, and very convenient to carry, allowing you to enjoy your adventure more comfortably.


Item Length: 43cm
Item Type: Leg Warmers
Sport Type: Cycling
Color: Black, Blue, Orange, Sky Blue
Size: M, L
Suit for: Women, Men
Knee Pads Style: Outdoor Knee Protector
Suitable for Sports Type: Climbing, Skiing, Cycling
Weight: About 120g


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