Travel Security Lock for Luggage



Mini Dial Digits Code, Number Password Combination Padlock Safety, 

Size: 6 x 2.2cm(L x W) (approx)

Lock Type: Keyed Padlock

Certification: CE

100% brand new and high quality

With this Luggage Lock, you can set your own combination convenience

A very cute style can be a gift

Can lock the draw diary and luggage

3-digit dialing allows for different combinations


Operation instructions:

The lock is preset at the factory to open at 0-0-0.
check the 0-0-0 aim at the indication line. Press down the snap. Now the
a lock is ready to open. You can either keep this setting or set your own
cypher as follows:


1.Press down the button with sharp tool, hold the position until next step 3 is finished

2.Turn the character wheels to set your personal combination

3.Release the button, now your private combination is set

4.Remember well your new combination. If you want to change it again, please repeat


Size: 6 x 2.2cm(L x W) (approx)

Weight: 30g

Color: Black, Cream-colored


 Package Included:

1 X Digit Padock










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