Waterproof Bicycle Saddle Bag



Reflective 20L Large Capacity Tail Rear 3 in 1 Trunk Bag Road Mountain Luggage Carrier Bike Bags



customized: Yes

 Upgraded Style B: About 20-35 L(Scalable)

Style A: About 10-25 L(Scalable)

Package Include: Bag, Rain Cover, Shoulder Strap

Model Number: YP0707209-1602708

Material: Quality Canvas

Item name: Bike Trunk Bag

Function: Foldable

Certification: WEST BIKING

Brand Name: West Biking


$4.41 - $14.36
Bicycle Bike Bags Water Bag
$19.52 - $34.96
$6.74 - $17.76
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Foldable Bicycle Lock
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$9.79 - 31.90
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$9.79 - 31.90
WEST BIKING Bicycle Seat Saddle MTB Road Bike Saddle Mountain Bike Racing Saddle PU Breathable Soft Seat Ergonomic Cushion
$13.71 - 32.63
$5.76 - 13.70
$13.71 - 32.63

Upgraded 20-35L Bike Trunk Bag:

10-25L basic style bike trunk bag

Product Parameters
Item: Bike Rear Rack Bag
Volume: 10-25 L(Scalable)
Color: Black,Gray,Khaki
Material: Quality Canvas
Package Include:Bag, Rain Cover, Shoulder Strap

Friendly Tip:

1.If you carry heavy things while riding, it is recommended to put them in the middle bag.

Please DO NOT put HEAVY things in the side bag. Due to riding speed and falling gravity, which will cause excessive pulling force on the sewing thread of the side bag, thus damaging the product.

Thank you for understanding

2.There is a hidden bag at the bottom, and the rain cover is in the bag at the bottom.

With carrying handle and adjustable shoulder strap, can be used as handbag or shoulder bag.10-25L storage capacity provides large space for your items.

With carrying handle and adjustable shoulder strap, can be used as handbag or shoulder bag.10-25L storage capacity provides large space for your items.

Convertible design -It's a travel luggage sling bag,also a bicycle cargo bag.

The reflective strip increases nighttime visibility and the hanger on the strip can hold a taillight which can also enhance cycling safety at night.

Classic Style Bicycle Back Seat Bag

Material:Polyester + PVC

Weight:About 256g (with Rain Cover 17g)


Capacity:About 4L


Velcro Length:About 39cm

High Quality EVA Hard shell pannier

Material: Both sides: PU+ EVA Middle circumference: Oxford cloth

Size: 38*17*17.5cm

Colour: Black

Weight: 506g

Capacity: 8.6L

Waterproof: Daily waterproof

Features: Large capacity、reflective、 super waterproof


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